Jenks Schools Conduct School Safety Exercise

School Safety Exercise

Jenks Public Schools conducted a dramatized emergency exercise to test procedures in dealing with an active shooter on campus.This is the 13th large scale exercise for the district, which invited law enforcement and emergency workers from all over Oklahoma.This exercise started with two men, pretending to be on a shooting rampage, in a school building.

There were fatalities and injuries. Participants took notes and also learned more about dealing with students who are traumatized, who might fight each other or even lash out at police, during a high stress time like this.

"Because they are excited. They've under high stress don't know what's going on. We're yelling hold your hands up and exit the building. And they are scared," said Major Paul Rinkle, of the Jenks Police Department.After today's event, Jenks Public Schools will evaluate the exercise.