Jenks Woman Booked on Suspicion of Child Abuse

A Jenks woman was arrested on suspicion of child abuse Sunday at 10:30 p.m. after her child was reportedly hiding from her, fearful for her life.

Jenks police say they responded to a disturbance at a trailer home in the area of 700 North Elm, and they found an 8-year-old girl, hiding from her mother under the trailer's back deck saying "please don't kill me."

The suspect, Shandi Garrison, 27, allegedly became belligerent, accusing the child's step-father of molesting her daughter (which he denied) and then pulling her child's hair. The police report states the girl's step-father had to intervene to separate Garrison from her daughter. JPD say Garrison showed clear signs of being intoxicated.

The child was treated by EMSA and reportedly told an EMSA paramedic that her mother had been chasing her and saying she was going to hurt her.

The child was placed in custody with her grandmother.

Garrison is being held on over $50,000 bond.