Job Interview: Tulsa Pro Day

Over the course of their careers guys like Trey Watts, Jordan James and Shawn Jackson have worked out at Chapman Stadium hundreds of times. Running, jumping and going through drills, but today's workout was much different. It was a job interview and the employers were NFL scouts.

"I've been on a job interview, but I didn't actually take the job. So I've never had an official job. I guess this is as close as I'll get for a while for job interviews." Trey Watts said, "It's almost a fashion show. They want to see the work you've been putting in, how you've been eating and all that kind of stuff. You kind of hope it shows with your body and just how it looks. You just try to be in the best shape possible for the scouts."

And with most job interviews there were some nerves.

"A little bit, a little bit. I just didn't know how things were going to go." Shawn Jackson said, "It went fast. Faster than I had expected, but it was a good day. Altogether it was a good day."

"The butterfly are there, but it's all good." Jordan James added, "It's a good nervousness and you kind of want to have that a little bit, but once you get out there you loosen up a little bit. Everything after that is just playing. It's just ball."

The guys were put through a gauntlet of tests and drills lasting over three hours. It was a stressful time without a lot feedback.

"You really don't get too much. They might just tell you they like you and that they like what you did and how you worked and just keep working and get ready for May." said Watts.

"Some guys just told me to stay positive and said I looked pretty good on the routes itself." James said, "I put it all on the line and hopefully I get a call back."

Now the wait it on. The NFL Draft isn't until May the 8th and free agent signings will take place after that.