Job Market Tough For College Grads

From kids out of high school and college adults and even retirees. They're all looking for jobs right now. Oklahoma's unemployment rate has improved slightly but that means nothing if you're out of work.

Young adults about the adjustments they've already made to find jobs.

Some of the people in this room, don't have jobs and others want better jobs. But all are here trying to improve their place in life and also their income.

Michael Tilley is looking for a job with a company that isn't even here. But like a lot of the job seekers, he's learned to adjust.

"I mean I'll probably walk around and talk to other companies," Tilley said.

He wants to become a wildlife biologist but reality is pointing him to career in accounting.

"That's why I'm here, I'm looking for a job and opening up some new doors and trying not to narrow myself down to such a specific job."

It's a reality college graduates sometimes learn too late.

"Basically my associate degree didn't do much for me," says 27-year-old Jeremiah Dabney, wishing he'd stayed to get his bachelor's.

"We can't have the things that our parents had right away. You have to build up to get that," he adds.

And that's the point Amanda Taylor who organized this career fair makes.

"They have really high expectations and they get in the job market and they're going but wait."

These companies aren't offering $80,000 jobs to recent college graduates.

"You're competing with someone who may not have a degree but has 10 years experience and from a hiring manager they're weighing it out going I said I wanted a bachelor's or do I want a bachelor's or do I want 10 years experience," says Taylor.

She adds get your foot in the door, prove yourself and then grow with the company.

Those who make a good impression with the recruiters will be given an interview it's one of several more steps to getting hired.