Josh Cooper Has Come A Long Way According To Gundy

The Iowa State Cyclones are headed to Stillwater this Saturday. And with the way the Cowboys offense preformed last week against Kansas, Mike Gundy probably wishes he had a couple of former
play makers back for the big game.

Brandon Weeden celebrated his 29th birthday Sunday with his first NFL victory.

And the cherry on the top was former teammate Josh Cooper was called up from the practice squad and caught one of his passes.

Gundy says Coop has come a long way.

"His first week here he was down here after curfew on the strip and we disciplined him. We put him on the stair master for a week out there in practice. We really tried to make him quit." Gundy said, "And he wouldn't quite. He came into my office and asked if he could get off the stair master. I said I had really forgotten you were over there. I said how long have you been over there? And he said five or six days. I said that was probably pretty good you can get off that know. He's come a long way. He's a great story about a young man who just likes to play football."