Joplin Residents Donate Thousands of Flowers to Moore, Shawnee Tornado Victims

Donated pallets of flower bulbs to Moore, Shawnee

From one tornado-ravaged town to another -- people in Joplin are hoping to brighten the days of Central Oklahoma disaster victims in their own way.

More than 100,000 flower bulbs will be temporarily planed in Joplin and eventually, bloom in Moore, Shawnee and other communities who were hit hard by recent tornadoes.

A national nonprofit, America Responds with Love, recently donated more than 114,000 flower bulbs to create the gardens.

Twenty-six pallets of flower bulbs arrived in Joplin last Thursday on transport donated by Melton Truck Lines of Tulsa.

Within the next week or so, four of the pallets will be moved to Central Oklahoma, to be planted in public parks.

Since the cities of Moore and Shawnee can only accept a limited amount of flowers, Joplin residents are encouraged to plant the bulk in their own yards as the city continues to recover from the 2011 tornado.

Those bulbs will then be transported to Central Oklahoma in spring 2014.

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