Josh Hilberling's Family Speaks Out About Their Son

A woman accused of pushing her husband to his death is out of jail on bond. Her husband's family is shocked. Jeanne and Patrick Hilberling are making funeral plans, while still trying to come to grips with losing 23 year old Josh Hilberling.

"Anybody that knows Josh is going to miss that smile, but no one more than his proud military parents who wanted the world for son. Saddled with grief, they struggle to put their loss into words. "We just will never forget him. He's one of a kind," Jeanne Hilberling told News Channel 8.

Police say Amber Hilberling pushed Josh out of a 25th story window at the University Club Tower on Tuesday. He fell 17 stories to his death. "We taught him to never hit a woman, but what we didn't think to teach him was to get away," said his mom in disbelief.

Josh and Amber Hilberling were married less than a year ago, and they were expecting their first child. However, just last month, his parents say Josh went to Domestic Violence Intervention Services or DVIS looking for help. His parents say it was difficult for the 6'5 and 220 pound military man to admit he was a victim. Despite filing a protective order, the Hilberling's say their son kept going back to his wife for the sake of the couple's unborn child. The day he died, Patrick Hilberling says Josh told him he was trying to leave for good. "That's the only thing people need to know is that when you're trying to leave, it's the most dangerous time," explained Jeanne Hilberling.

The grief stricken parents don't want to focus on how they lost their son, and they don't want you to either. "I want people to remember who Josh was, not how he died. I want them to remember the kind compassionate friend who would do anything for anybody," said his mom.

The family wants to keep funeral arrangements private. As for Amber Hilberling, she's due in court on June 15th.