Josh's Grandma: How Amber Killing My Grandson Has Impacted My Life

Amber Hilberling

Amber Hilberling was formally sentenced today to 25 years in prison for killing her husband.

Jurors found Hilberling, 21, guilty of second degree murder last month in the 2011 death of her husband, Joshua.

As part of the sentencing phase, family members were asked to make statements about how Josh's death impact them. The following is an excerpt from the impact statement from Joshua's grandmother, Beverly Hilberling . You can read more of the statements here.

We all have memories of Josh that can never be replaced. But I do not think Amber now or ever knew the meaning of love for anyone but Amber. She thinks the trial was all about her, not that she took the life of my grandson. When Amber was pregnant, I made a baby quilt for Levi. I suppose I will never see Levi to give him his quilt. He's not an infant now. It hurts to not be able to see and love Levi. If Josh were alive, I know he would make sure his grandma got to know his son.

Josh's murder has caused me to lose lots of sleep and shed lots and lots of tears. I have lost a lot of weight and can no longer drive. I feel my health started going downhill the moment I heard and saw on the news, that Amber killed my grandson. My health is not too good and it bothers me the name of Hilberling Is in the news. What is worse is Amber seems to enjoy it. Is there any way she can stop using Josh's last name and go about using her maiden name? There are lots of people with the name of Fields but very few with Hilberling and the name was never disgraced till Amber killed my grandson.

Amber Hilberling was seven months pregnant at the time of Joshua's death. Their son is currently in her family's custody.

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