Judge Rules In Open Records Case Against Gov. Fallin

A judge has ruled Governor Mary Fallin can withhold documents requested under Oklahoma's Open Records Act.

The American Civil Liberties Union, and several news organizations, including the Associated Press and the satirical website The Lost Ogle, filed an open request for paperwork from Fallin.

They were looking into documents related to Fallin rejecting a state health insurance plan and expanding Medicaid to low income, uninsured Oklahomans.

Her office released more than 50,000 documents, but withheld 31, which her lawyer determined to be part of an "executive privilege."

Fallin has responded by saying her office is pleased by the court's ruling. She says, "We expect Tuesday's ruling to be the first step in a longer legal process. I welcome the chance to resolve this issue in court and provide clarity as to the provisions and limits of the Open Records Act."

Brady Henderson is the legal director of the ACLU in Oklahoma. Henderson says, "Judge Swinton's ruling contains both immediate victories and temporary setbacks for our ongoing work to defend government transparency and accountability in Oklahoma. While disappointing, today's ruling does not close the door on government transparency and accountability in Oklahoma."

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