Judge Sets Jury Trial Date for Teen Accused in Jenks Murder

A trial is scheduled to begin in May for a 15-year-old accused of murdering a woman in Jenks.

Both sides in Joshua Mooney's case will return to a Tulsa County courtroom on May 5. A not guilty plea has previously been given for Mooney for his first degree murder charge.

Court records indicate that Mooney is still being held in custody. A previous ruling has also allowed for him to be treated as an adult in the court case.

Prosecutors have alleged Mooney shot 47-year-old Mary Escue in the head when she returned the residence in Jenks and surprised him during a burglary he was reportedly committing.

Previous reports from KTUL state that Mooney said he grabbed change, money from the victims wallet and took the car. He handed the gun to another person who he'd recently met and was also picked up when Mooney was arrested.