Judge Sentences Johnson to Two Life Terms

A Tulsa judge sentenced Alonzo Johnson to two life sentences for his involvement in the murder of a businessman back in 2008.

Johnson, 42, appeared in a Tulsa court room Friday morning for his sentencing. Back in December, a jury found him guilty of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

The case spans back to 2008 when Neal Sweeney was killed when a gunman walked into his office and shot him in the head. 15 months after the murder, prosecutors said Terrico Bethel confessed to killing Sweeney while he was sitting at his desk.

Bethel confessed to a man named Dolan Prejean. "Went into the dude office, hit him (Neal Sweeney) and walked out," said Bethel in a taped confession.

Police say Mohammed Aziz was angry over a business matter and wanted Sweeney Allen Shields recruited his brother Fred who recruited Bethel whom he met in the Osage County Jail to carry out the job.

Leading up to the murder, Alonzo "Jack" Johnson prosecutors allege, joined the conspiracy by stealing a white van used in the crime and delivering money to Bethel.