Jurors Deliberate Courthouse Shooting Case

The trial of the accused courthouse shooter continues Friday.

Jurors are deliberating in the courthouse plaza shooting case.

Closings arguments wrapped up and the case turned over to the jury around 3:40 p.m. Friday.

Earlier in the day, a juror was removed from the trial.The juror was caught talking to defendant Andrew Joseph Dennehy's mother during a break. She said it was just small talk, but the judge still removed her from the case.

Two alternate jurors have been sitting in on the trial. One of them replaced the one who was removed.Closing arguments lasted about two hours Friday afternoon.The state reminded jurors that all of the mental health experts that testified said Dennehy knew right from wrong. Prosecutors argued that that point beats his insanity plea. They said that since the crime is captured on courthouse surveillance video, his "not guilty by reason of insanity" plea is a form of defense.Dennehy's attorney reminded jurors about his client's past history of mental issues. He has dealt with OCD and a condition where he defies authority. He said that Dennehy needed anti-psychotic drugs after his arrest. He said that given his paranoia, Dennehy shot at deputies because he wanted them to kill him.