Court Hearing Continues for Women Accused of Infant's Death

Two Tulsa women are back in court Wednesday charged with the death of a toddler in 2012.

Prosecutors allege that Mica Shoate and Jazmin Williams are to blame for the death of 19-month-old Zamontay Green after he was found unresponsive in their car in March 2012.

Both were charged with child abuse murder. They have previously pleaded not guilty.

The two were pulled over for driving erratically in a lane on Lewis, going about five miles per hour. When the officer approached the vehicle he discovered the infant not breathing.

An autopsy report states that the child died from a severe head injury. Both women said he was having problems breathing and they were taking him to the hospital, according to police.

Jurors heard opening statements from both sides in the trial on Wednesday. Prosecutors allege that the story the women told police changed on numerous occasions. Prosecutor Sarah McAmis said jurors would soon listen to police interviews with the women. They reportedly talk about how the boy had been at a birthday party in North Tulsa with people they did not know. The women reportedly said he was acting differently when he returned to their care that day. McAmis said jurors will also soon here from neighbors that could testify to questionable parenting.

An officer on the stand also told the courtroom that the two didn't seem as "emotional" as he would have thought at the time of the incident. He seemed to get a bit choked up recalling giving the toddler two-finger compressions while trying to revive him.

Defense attorneys stated that the Shoate and Williams were first-time parents. And that the child slipped in the tub and were rushing him to the hospital. They said the women loved him very much and had hopes of adopting him.

Jurors also heard from an EMSA paramedic and firefighter that responded to the scene.

The two women were reportedly friends of the baby's mother who took custody of him when his mother moved to Arkansas.