Jurors Find Man Guilty for Shooting That Killed Teen in 2012

A jury has found a man guilty Tuesday for a shooting in 2012 that killed a 17-year-old girl.

Both sides in Edwin Daniels court case returned Tuesday afternoon for the verdict. He was charged with first degree murder and shooting with intent to kill for the death of Kayla Ferrante in May 2012.

Jurors in the case found Daniels guilty on both counts. He also was given a $10,000 fine and will be formally sentenced by the judge June 25.

KTUL reported that Daniels' trial has been taking place since last week with several witnesses being called to provide their statements.

In previous reports, Daniels reportedly told police he thought other people were inside the car when he shot through the back of it, fatally wounding Ferrante. He believed Justin "Pud" Render and Kenneth Demarco "Lil Boosie" Ferguson, both alleged members of a rival gang.

Officials stated that the bullet from a high-powered rifle pierced the license plate, went through the car and fatally wounded Ferrante.

Ferrante had graduated a year early from Memorial High School the night before her death.

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