Lawyer Says Fear of Religious Group Contributed to Courthouse Shooting

Andrew Joseph Dennehy plead not guilty by reason of insanity as jurors began opening statements in the trial of the accused courthouse shooter.

When his attorney gave his opening statement to jurors, he said Dennehy had a history of mental issues and eventually became obsessed with his fear of the religious group the Illuminati.

His attorney says Dennehy wanted to save his parents and other Christians from the group by reportedly killing himself.

However, he thought doing so would have been a sin.

Both sides' statements included an account of Dennehy firing a shot in the air on the way to the plaza then sitting on a flowerbed as if waiting for deputies to stop him.

Three officers ran out and told him to drop his pistol. Instead, he fired. Authorities responded, shooting him four times, according to witness accounts.

At one point, Dennehy's attorney says a witness heard him shout, "Lord, take me now."

Prosecutors say Dennehy fired at Tulsa County deputies willfully and knowingly.