Just How Fast Is OSU QB Clint Chelf?

So much for a Quarterback controversy in Stillwater - Clint Chelf's four touchdown performance in Lubbock earned him recognition as one of the Big 12's offensive players of the week.The highlight-reel moment was a 67 yard touchdown scamper, showing speed that shocked many - but not his Head Coach, Mike Gundy."I've always thought that he's an effective runner. There's times where he's nifty and productive, but it just doesn't look as good when he's executing the run game," Gundy said during Monday's press conference. "There were a lot of questions earlier in the year about the quarterbacks having different plays - they run the same plays, and he was nifty and effective for us Saturday night."The speed Clint showed on that 67 yard run got me thinking - could he out-run Justin Gilbert or Josh Stewart, two of the fastest guys on the team?Defensive Coordinator Glenn Spencer hopes the answer is no - "That doesn't say much for Gilbert. I hope not... I hope not."Fullback Jeremy Seaton thinks the senior Cornerback has the edge - "Gilbert? oh, Gilbert. Easily. I'd like to say that he (Chelf) has a chance, but no, not at all."Center Jake Jenkins thinks Clint could hang with Wide Receiver Josh Stewart early... "Um, you know I think Clint could hang around for the first forty (yards), but Josh is a pretty quick guy. We'd just have to see."But Stewart himself is confident he can still out-run Chelf - "There's no doubt. There's no doubt. I still don't think he'd beat me in a race, me personally. But Clint looked fast right there, that was special. If he keeps running like that, it'll be hard to stop us, for real."