18 Year Old Found Dead Inside Car, Muskogee Juvenile Arrested

Muskogee authorities are investigating after a male was found dead in his vehicle Thursday morning.

Investigators were sent to the residence in the 2800 block of West Okmulgee after being notified of a reported shooting. The residence is located west of downtown Muskogee.

Officials with the Muskogee Police Department stated that an unidentified male was found in a vehicle behind the residence with a shotgun wound. No other details were provided about the scene.

By midday, police were still waiting on a search warant.

Cpl. Michael Mahon says, "Don't know a a whole lot about the victim. Do not have an ID on him. Right now we're still trying to obtain some search warrants. And waiting to get inside the vehicle that the deceased is in."

Late Thursday afternoon, the victim was identified as 18 year old Dangelo Grayson.

A juvenile male suspect was questioning by police and later arrested. His name has not been released.

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