Kangaroo Missing In Vinita

With wide open fields in every direction, it's understandable that someone new to Vinita would want to explore.

"We're just moving in," said Kay Williams. She and her group of eight kangaroos moved in on last Friday, and by Saturday morning

"She goes, I'm down two," said Al Wightman. He just leased Kay the property recently, and when he learned she was bringing kangaroos..

"I thought it'd be interesting and pretty cool," he said.

She uses them as therapy animals. Cinderella, Sassy, Jasper, Hope, all of them known as ambassadors of goodwill.

"Kids with special needs, cancer patients, anybody that needs a smile," she said.

When they're not bringing joy, they're usually just chilling out, but apparently Jasper and Bonita got restless and wanted to see the neighborhood. They escaped not by jumping out, but by crawling beneath the fence.

"You wouldn't expect that from a kangaroo. No. You'd expect over not under. Yup. They're smart. Yes, very smart," replied Williams.

Footage of Bonita was recorded by a nearby neighbor about a half a mile away from her new home. She was impressive with her grace and speed.

"They'll never catch a kangaroo. A kangaroo can do 55 mph," said Williams.

Her cohort Jasper has since been captured, but Bonita? Still on the hop. Nevertheless, Kay remains hopeful that Bonita will soon be back.

"I feel very optimistic," said Williams.

"Everybody's gonna be looking for a kangaroo," said Wightman.

If you see Bonita call the Craig County Sheriff's Office at (918) 256-6466.