Kansas Residents Without Library After Car Crash Incident

Residents of a Delaware County community will have to wait until next week to find out when the library will open back up.

Officers with the Kansas Police Department arrested Cody Bill Smith earlier this week after he crashed his vehicle into the Kansas Public Library. It's located on Tulsa Avenue which is Highway 412.

Police Chief Mike Wilkerson told KTUL that Smith had been driving when he looked down to get a pack of cigarettes and realized he was off the road and headed into the library. His truck went through the front door area all the way through to the kitchen.

Officers were able to remove Wilkerson from the vehicle and found no odor of alcohol on him or in the vehicle. Two individuals were treated at the scene with minor injuries from the collision.

Wilkerson said that the damage to the library was estimated at $50,000 but that an exact price would be given early next week. He added that the City of Kansas also needs to meet with Smith's insurance company before any other action can be taken.

Smith was booked into the Delaware County Jail on warrants.