Fifteen-year-old Kathy loves animals, dogs, cats... but she REALLY loves horses.We found out how much at the Double L Ranch in Mounds, where Lisa Ann Yost offers lessons for the beginning rider to the advanced. Kathy was probably somewhere in between."Horses are really sweet and nice and they're fun to ride."Until the last few years, Kathy moved a lot and never felt secure in her surroundings."I'm not used to having to switch schools," she says. (Keith) "Hard adjustment?" (Kathy) "Yeah, and getting along with new people you don't know what they are like."Currently, Kathy is living with a foster family that she cares for deeply and she appreciates the stability. Despite that stability, she's looking forward to being adopted and putting down roots."I don't know what I'm looking for in an adoptive family," she says. "I'm just looking for somebody that's going to be a nice family and treat me like I'm an equal person. I want to be treated like I'm family, not some stranger in their house."Kathy is currently in eighth grade and loves choir and gym and school. In addition, she loves to read and spends a lot of time with a book in her hands, whether it's mysteries or folk tales. She wants to participate in JROTC throughout high school and hopes getting a scholarship will help her to go to college and get a bachelors degree.Her plan hasn't changed much in several years."I've had this figured out since sixth grade," she says.Kathy is easy going, a hard worker and like most teens, wants to know someone cares.If you would like more information about Kathy or the DHS adoption program, call (866) 612-2565 or visit