Kathy Taylor Comments Leave Bartlett Campaign Calling for Apology

During mayor Dewey Bartlett's press conference on crime last week, Tulsa Police Chief, Chuck Jordan said, "I think you hear those facts and you can't come to any other conclusion that lifestyle choices, sometimes put you at risk," referring to certain violent crimes and homicides relating to gang activity and illegal drugs. It was that comment that led Tulsa mayoral candidate, Kathy Taylor to tell Tulsa's Channel 8 last night in a post-debate interview, "Well, I think it's accountability in government. It's - whether you look at the press conference they had on crime, saying that it's the victim's fault, if you lead a risky lifestyle - rape's up 30%. I don't consider being a woman a risky lifestyle."

While Chief Jordan was referencing homicides involving gang violence and drug activity, he never specifically mentioned "rape."

That didn't stop the Bartlett campaign from calling for an apology from Taylor.

"It is a complicated and important and sensitive issue, but it shouldn't be politicized for a campaign. It shouldn't be politicized for an election," said Bartlett campaign coordinator, Andrea Brown.

"They said, overall crime was down, but that people that were a victim of certain crimes like homicides were often a victim because of risky lifestyles," Taylor responded Wednesday, defending her comments and saying that the association between lifestyle choices and crimes - including domestic abuse - was inappropriate. "Six of those victims were victims of domestic violence - of homicide because of domestic violence. I would say, when is being a woman a risky lifestyle in Tulsa? And, I would say that the Bartlett administration owes the victims of those crimes an apology," Taylor added.

The mayoral run-off election is less than three weeks away.