Kathy Taylor Launches Campaign for Mayor

Usually in the race for mayor...

"There really is a very true buzz in the air in Tulsa," said Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

There's one, maybe two, candidates with solid name recognition..

"We need more police officers plain and simple," said former Tulsa city councilor Bill Christiansen.

This election has three.

"Being mayor, simply put, is about leadership," said former mayor Kathy Taylor, turbo charging a race for city hall that was already amped up.

"With the future of Tulsa on the line, do we opt for promised leadership, or proven leadership?" she asked.

As for the message from the current leadership?

"We should stay the course, we need to stay the course," said Bartlett.

Mayor Bartlett says 15,000 jobs have been created under his leadership.

"There's simply no reason to return to the past," he said.

But the past is coming out swinging.

"It is time to get Tulsa moving forward again," she said.

A momentum personified by the ballpark she spearheaded serving as a welcome back, go get 'em venue.

"I feel the city has stagnated a bit, the seeds that we planted when I was in office are blooming, but I think there's a lot more to be done," she said.

And Christiansen...

"I think the previous two administrations have kind of had the attitude, 'Don't tell us what you want, we know what's best for you,'" he said.

He is, as they all are, in it to win it.

"I think I really have a good chance in this mayoral race," he said.