Keep Your Real Christmas Tree From Damaging Your Home

It's a family tradition for dozens of families. Find the perfect tree for their home and a lot of families like real Christmas trees but they need to remember to keep them away from the heater and water in the base. Some families go each year to the Owasso Christmas Tree Farm. Terri Dorrell has made it a family tradition with her seven children for the past 20 years and she says she knows the rules.

"The first 24 hours, I think is critical cause we keep it full because it will immediately suck it all up and then add more water," says Dorrell.

Dorrell says it's her husbands job to keep water in the base. Each tree needs a quart of water per inch of the base per day. So, if you have a four inch base you need a gallon of water each day. Experts say all the trees need are fresh water.

"There are a lot of myths about what you can add to the water sugar, 7 Up, honey, we have heard it all," says Bill Jacobs, Owner, Owasso Christmas Tree Farm, "but it's all myths just fresh water."

Jacobs says you can't over water the tree. Just make sure the base is full each and everyday. He also says that a fresh well watered tree will not start a fire.

and there is no such thing as over watering...

"A live fresh Christmas tree will not support a fire. It has to originate from another source the curtains, the couch, or something else," says Jacobs.

Another tip, you need to make sure the tree is away from heater, heat vents, or space heater.

"Even a ceiling fan. If you have a ceiling fan over the tree, like we do in the office, we don't turn it on because moving warm air will dry the tree," says Jacobs.

If you water the tree and keep it away from heat, the tree should last four weeks.