Keeping You And Your Family Safe At The Lake

Many Oklahomans are enjoying the lakes this holiday weekend, but at times the waters can be very dangerous. A boating accident in Lake Eufala left a juvenile with a leg injury. The teenager was sitting on the edge of the boat on Saturday and suddenly fell off, hitting the propeller.

We found out how you can help minimize mishaps at the lake.

It doesn't matter if what type of boat you are sailing on, officials said everyone needs to keep in mind that safety comes first.

John Turner and his family spent the holiday weekend boating on Keystone Lake.

"When we were out on July 4th on the other side of the lake there were probably 70 to 100 boats. Most people were being really really safe and then you get some yeh who with big a old boat in the dark 30 miles an hour driving through everyone," Turner said.

The Turner family said this weekend they've seen some reckless boaters on the lake, forcing them to be extra cautious.

"Yesterday we were going to go knee boarding and people were just passing by us and they were really close to us and its scary with all the people being out here. Not safe," said Morgan Turner.

"Those that come to the lake need to understand that there are rules and regulations and guidelines that are designed and in place to ensure you and your family's safety," said Ryan Griffith, trooper with Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Griffith said the most important regulation is having safety equipment.

"You have to have a wearable personal flotation device for each person on board. Additional to that you have to have a top 4 PFD which is a throwable flotation device," Griffith said.

Children under the age of 13 are required to wear a life jacket on a moving boat. Griffith suggest never let your child hang their feet over the vessel or walk around while the boat is moving. Griffith also said keep in mind that not everybody on the water knows the rules.

"So just because you know what you are suppose to do don't take for granted that they are going to do it," Griffith said.

So far this weekend there have been no reported deaths at Keystone Lake, just a few crashes and an unexpected explosion on a boat.

For more information on boating regulations visit the website below.