Kendall Whittier Neighborhood Undergoing Major Redevelopment

Once a haven for crime, Tulsa's historic Kendall Whittier neighborhood has recently been undergoing some major redevelopment, thanks, in large part, to the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

The signs of redevelopment are everywhere.

A site that used to be home to one of the highest concentrations of crime in the city is now home to brand new, modern housing developments.

"You can see, it's a giant improvement to remove the blight and crime that was here before," said Josh Miller with the George Kaiser Family Foundation, a major investor in the revitalization of the historic neighborhood.

Part of that revitalization is the 128 unit, mixed income West Park Apartments, offering competitively priced and income-based rentals.

"As you can imagine, the response has been great, because it's an opportunity to live in high quality housing," Miller said.

Another major part of this investment is the redevelopment of Kendall Whittier Park, a cornerstone of the neighborhood.

"It's also to bring in -- you know -- new blood to a neighborhood to kind of, really, stabilize the investments being made and really just an upward mobility of the neighborhood, overall," Miller added. That new blood is already present, he says, with the West Park development spurring construction of ten single-family homes, built by a private investor.

All of the developments are expected to be completed by mid-October.