Kevin Durant: A Player To Build A Franchise Around

If you could pick just one player to start am NBA franchise with many in Oklahoma know just who'd they would pick.{} Former Texas star Kevin Durant.

The 3-time NBA scoring champion just finished up his fifth year with the franchise.{} He's the heart and soul of the Thunder and took OKC to it's first NBA Finals.

Thunder coach Scott Brooks says his hard work and leadership are what makes him so special.{} The rest of the team looks toward him for guidance and they follow him.

KD will probably be a big part in convincing a couple of future free agents in staying in Oklahoma City.{} The contracts for Sixth Man of the Year James Harden and shot blocker Serge Ibaka are up after this next season.{} But Durant tweeted this week that he didn't expect them to make it to free agency before their are renewed.