Kevin Sweat To Stand Trial In Notorious Weleetka Murders

Accused Murderer, Kevin Sweat is led into the Okfuskee County Courthouse by Sheriff's Deputies, Tuesday Morning.

Kevin Sweat will stand trial for the murders of two Weleetka girls killed and left along a country road in 2008.
This follows a preliminary hearing where an interview with Kevin Sweat. He was being questioned by an OSBI agent. Those in the courtroom heard about him dabbling in magic, seeing monsters and demons and shooting two girls.
Kevin Sweat was brought to the courthouse to begin day two of his preliminary hearing. He's accused in the shooting deaths of 13 year old Taylor Placker and 11 year old Skyla Whitaker.
During a videotaped interview played in court, an OSBI agent said to Sweat..."We know you were there." Sweat responded, "What are you talking about?" Then he went on to say, "I never met them I never saw them until I saw them on the news."
We also learned in court that Sweat both knew and worked at fast food places with relatives of both the girls. OSBi Agent Kenneth Titsworth testified....that sweat said he had a conversation with Placker's relative saying, "She told him how many times the girls were shot." Also in the courtroom, the parents of Ashley Taylor, Sweat's former girlfriend who he's also accused of killing. "It's starting to anger me a little bit to see some of those things again. I try to keep those emotions in check which is very hard to do sometimes. I guess we're going to have to see how it plays out," says Michael Taylor, Ashley's Dad.
Also revealed in that videotaped interview was Sweat's admission of dabbling in white magic, or Wicca. "You could be messing with demons," he said. "If a demon did come out, I don't know," Sweat added in explaining the shooting deaths of the young girls Taylor and Skyla. In an unusual move, the judge in the case said, "This is one of the saddest cases I've had in a long time," and he also added, "Tragedy has visited our county."