Kids Enjoy Burn Camp At Dry Gulch

Fun in the sun!

A summer camp for kids all sharing the same experience in life.

Firefighters from all over the state came together this week for a camp at Dry Gulch in Adair.

It's for kids with burns and traumatic injuries.

"It feels good because you fit it.. and you can be around people who's been through stuff like you," says Corey Chevier.

And they love it.

The kids get to swim, play frisbee golf, go bowling and ride horses.

Corey was burned when he was just a little boy.

The camp is the highlight of his summer.

"It's like the best day of my life. This is what I look for all summer. I can't wait to be here."{>}

Corey appreciates the firefighters and all they do.

He's hoping to one day be a camp counselor.

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