Kids Fake Being Asleep During Muskogee Home Invasion

Muskogee authorities are continuing their search for three individuals after a reported home invasion earlier this week.

Police were called out to the residence Monday morning in the 1200 block of Baltimore Street. This was after being notified that a home had been broken into while a 13-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl were home alone.

Muskogee Police Department's Cpl. Mike Mahan told KTUL that the children were home alone because school was out for the day due to the weather. Their mother was at work during the incident.

Mahan said that the three suspects came to the residence and knocked on the door. When no one answered they proceeded to kick it down and go around the home.

Both kids reportedly ran into the one of the bedrooms and pretended to be asleep during the incident. One of them used a tablet to notify someone over Facebook.

Mahan told KTUL that it took officers some time to respond to the residence because the children didn't know the address to the residence when they were communicating over Facebook.

Officers met with the mother and children at the scene. Both kids were not harmed.

No exact description was given for the suspects. Except that two of them were light-skinned.