Kids & Identity Theft

While getting your kids enrolled in school or fall sports, you may not think twice before handing over their birth certificate or social security card.{} But just because they're kids, doesn't mean they're too young to have valuable personal information stolen. {}Adam Levin, Identity Theft 911 Chairman says, "They're the perfect target, because it's not like they're applying for credit, and it's not like they're applying for a credit card. Nobody's checking." {}A pre-approved credit card offer in your toddler's name might seem like a funny mistake, but it can also be a red flag. Get to the bottom of it, to avoid problems that could impact your child for a financial lifetime.

Levin says, "A call from a debt collection agency, a letter from a collector, a bill from a credit card company, a pre-approved credit card offer: any of these things would be a pretty scary tip-off."

If your kids are old enough to use the Internet unsupervised, have a talk about what information is safe to give out, and what should remain under wraps. {}

"Identity thieves are very, very patient," according to Levin. "They'll draw information subtly out of adults and children."