Kids "Tinkering" With Appliances To Build New Machines

Have you ever wanted to take something apart just to see how it works?

Some area middle and high school students spent Thursday doing just that at the Fab Lab Tulsa on South Lewis.

But these Tinkering School kids are taking it one step further.

They're ripping apart small appliances and using those parts to create sculptures that run on motors, wind-up mechanisms, or wind.

The skills they use here could lead to engineering careers down the line.

8th grader Kerrigan Hall and her team took apart a toaster, coffee maker, DVT, and a boombox to create a water-powered windmill.

She calls the experience an "amazing opportunity."

"I'm a very artistic person and getting to do this is like seeing the world in a whole new way," says Hall. "I've always been interested in how things work and what makes them run."

The Tulsa Alliance For Engineering hosted the event.

Final projects will be finished Friday.