Kinne's Chance To Impress

G.J. Kinne performs for NFL scouts Monday afternoon at Chapman Stadium.

TULSA -- Unlike high profile quarterbacks from a BCS "power" conference, TU's G.J. Kinne did not have the opportunity to perform at the NFL Combine.

Monday afternoon at Chapman Stadium, Kinne along with other exiting TU players, performed for scouts representing 17 of the 32 NFL teams.

Kinne was impressive in his timed 40 yard dash when he clocked at 4.59 seconds. That time ranks among the best quarterbacks of the 2012 incoming class.

The NFL Draft begins Thursday, April 26th.

Here's are the official results of TU's Pro Day provided by the University of Tulsa.

Clint AndersonPos: Offensive LinemanHt: 6'0.7Wt: 27940 time: 5.3020 time: 3:01Vertical: 33.5Broad: 9'420-yd Shuttle: 4.783-cone: 7.71Bench Reps: 20

Curnelius ArnickPos: LinebackerHt: 6'1.1Wt: 23440 time: 4.8020 time: 2.82Vertical: 30.5Broad: 9'720-yd Shuttle: 4.463-cone: 7.15Bench Reps: 15

Michael BrittonPos: FullbackHt: 5'9Wt: 23840 time: 4.8520 time: 2.81Vertical: 31.5Broad: 8'420-yd Shuttle: 4.643-cone: 7.53Bench Reps: 24

Genesis ColePos: ReceiverHt: 6'0Wt: 19440 time: 4.7820 time: 2.79Vertical: 29.0Broad: 9'1120-yd Shuttle: 4.473-cone: 7.29Bench Reps: 8

Durrell FinchPos: Defensive EndHt: 6'4.7Wt: 22540 time: 4.7720 time: 2.84Vertical: 31.5Broad: 9'720-yd Shuttle: 5.013-cone: 7.32Bench Reps: 10

Kevin FitzpatrickPos: Place-kickerHt: 6'1.4Wt: 18240 time: n/a20 time: n/aVertical: n/aBroad: n /a20-yd Shuttle: n/a3-cone: n/aBench Reps: n/a

Tyler HolmesPos: Offensive LinemanHt: 6'4Wt: 30740 time: 5.3820 time: 3.16Vertical: 25.0Broad: 8'120-yd Shuttle: 4.763-cone: 7.88Bench Reps: 23

Milton HowellPos: CornerbackHt: 6'0.2Wt: 17740 time: 4.5920 time: 2.66Vertical: 34.0Broad: 10'120-yd Shuttle: 4.463-cone: 7.01Bench Reps: 5

Damaris JohnsonPos: ReceiverHt: 5'7.2Wt: 17140 time: 4.4520 time: 2.59Vertical: 30.0Broad: 9'520-yd Shuttle: 4.253-cone: 6.80Bench Reps: 13

G.J. KinnePos: QuarterbackHt: 6'1.1Wt: 22340 time: 4.5920 time: 2.77Vertical: 33.0Broad: 9'720-yd Shuttle: 4.393-cone: 6.78Bench Reps: n/a

Nathan LargenPos: Tight EndHt: 5'11.3Wt: 23040 time: 4.7520 time: 2.79Vertical: 34.0Broad: 9'520-yd Shuttle: 4.443-cone: 7.23Bench Reps: 19

David LazenbyPos: Offensive LineHt: 6'4.2Wt: 31040 time: 5.7020 time: 3.26Vertical: 21.5Broad: 7'720-yd Shuttle: 4.993-cone: 8.27Bench Reps: 15

Rashad RobinsonPos: Defensive LinemanHt: 6'1.3Wt: 27240 time: 4.7720 time: 2.74Vertical: 29.0Broad: 8'1020-yd Shuttle: 4.513-cone: 7.35Bench Reps: 13

Matt RominePos: Offensive LinemanHt: 6'4.6Wt: 29940 time: 5.5220 time: 3.25Vertical: 24.5Broad: n/a20-yd Shuttle: n/a3-cone: n/aBench Reps: 15

Clay SearsPos: Tight EndHt: 6'4.4Wt: 24240 time: 4.9020 time: 2.83Vertical: 31.5Broad: 9'320-yd Shuttle: 4.503-cone: 7.27Bench Reps: 19

Eric SproalPos: Offensive LinemanHt: 6'3.7Wt: 31340 time: 5.5820 time: 3.30Vertical: 26.0Broad: 7'820-yd Shuttle: 5.013-cone: 8.46Bench Reps: 18

Tyrunn WalkerPos: Defensive LinemanHt: 6'3.6Wt: 29840 time: 4.8820 time: 2.84Vertical: 28.0Broad: 9'420-yd Shuttle: 4.813-cone: 7.37Bench Reps: 20

2010 SENIORSTrae JohnsonPos: ReceiverHt: 5'10Wt: 20840 time: 4.8920 time: 2.88Vertical: n/aBroad: n/a20-yd Shuttle: n/a3-cone: n/aBench Reps: n/a

Odrick RayPos: Defensive LinemanHt: 6'3.7Wt: 27340 time: 4.6920 time: 2.72Vertical: n/aBroad: n/a20-yd Shuttle: n/a3-cone: n/aBench Reps: n/a

Michael SuchPos: PunterHt: 6'1.5Wt: 20540 time: n/a20 time: n/aVertical: n/aBroad: n/a20-yd Shuttle: n/a3-cone: n/aBench Reps: n/a