KTUL Internship Guidelines

KTUL, LLC's internship program broadens educational development of those studying for careers in broadcasting. This is accomplished by creating opportunities for students enrolled in institutions of higher learning to gain experience in a station's day-to-day operations. By offering these opportunities, KTUL hopes to provide a springboard for new talents and abilities, which will foster the constant revitalization of broadcasting.

General Provisions

1. Participants will receive a pre-determined number of college credits, which will be dependent on the number of hours they work during a semester.

2. Interns must be able to work between ten (10) and thirty (30) hours per week.

3. The appropriate department manager at the Station will provide reasonable reports and evaluations on the intern's performance as the intern may require for course credit.

4. The internship program is designed as an integral part of the Station's equal employment opportunity program as well as a contribution to educational enrichment.


1. KTUL will establish application and selection procedures that are fair and that are calculated to identify those applicants who are likely to benefit most from the experience.

2. The Station will announce the program to all colleges and universities within its service area, and will invite applications. Internship position descriptions and work schedules will be provided to the schools. Students will be interviewed and rated by the Station in terms of their ability, interest and aptitude.

Application (PDF Format)

KTUL, LLC{}Internship Application