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      KTUL Sales Team

      Advertise your company with Tulsa's Channel 8!

      There are two ways to improve your business by using the Power of Television:

      1. Advertise in our on-air programming by contacting one of our marketing professionals at (918) 445-9312, or e-mailing the following sales personnel:

      John Trook - Director of Sales - jtrook@ktul.com

      Stephanie Spry- Local Sales Manager - sspry@ktul.com

      Rita Moschovidis Burke - Local Sales Manager - rita@ktul.com

      Erin Lynch - Digital Sales Manager - elynch@ktul.com

      Adam Akins - Account Executive - aakins@ktul.com

      Vic Bailey - Account Executive - vbailey@ktul.com

      Kimberly Coburn-Bush - Account Executive - kcbush@ktul.com

      Paul Davalos - Account Executive - pdavalos@ktul.com

      Ashley Dooley - Account Executive - adooley@ktul.com

      Maria Gaw - Account Executive - mgaw@ktul.com

      Gay Larson - Account Executive - glarson@ktul.com

      Darnell Washington - Account Executive - dwashington@ktul.com

      Elizabeth Zeevi - Account Executive - ezeevi@ktul.com

      2. Advertise on our award winning website.

      WHY KTUL.com?

      KTUL.com has been named the Best Website in Oklahoma by the Associated Press three of the past five years. KTUL.com is the place for breaking news, weather and sports information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

      But, I Don't Have a Website

      No problem. We can create an "information page" for you that would include hours of operation, what services you offer, how to get to your business, etc. You can even drive people into your business with coupons. Give customers an incentive to visit YOUR business.

      What Do I Need To Do?

      Don't have a graphic artist? Leave it to us. Just let us know what you want on the ad and we'll design it for you.

      How Much Is This Going To Cost?

      Sound like something you're interested in, but you're concerned about the cost? Online advertising is much more inexpensive than you think. Just call (918) 445-9385 or e-mail elynch@ktul.com for pricing information.