Labor Day Travel Up In Oklahoma

Whether traveling by air or by road, you can expect a little more company this labor day weekend. AAA predicts the highest amount of travelers since 2008 with 408 thousand Oklahoman's are expected to travel with 85 percent of those taking a road trip

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says they will be out in full force making sure the roads and drivers are safe.

"Troop commanders across the state look at their schedules especially in places like here the Tulsa metro area and try and beef up those schedules to plan for the increase in traffic," said Capt. George Brown with Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Brown says in the past the extra patrols have helped keep the number of accidents down throughout the weekend.

"Just seeing a trooper out there kind of helps. Visibility is apart of our routine. So, if you see a trooper, maybe you will do the speed limit, maybe you will think I don't want a ticket," said Brown.

Troopers will be watching for things like speeding, people not wearing their seat belts, and people driving under the influence. Experts say since most of the travel is by car there are some things to remember.

"If you are going to take a road trip, get your vehicle checked. Make sure it's up on it's maintenance. Make sure your tires have enough tread on them and inflated properly," said Danial Karnes, AAA Spokesperson.

AAA also suggest making sure you know where the construction zones will be.

"There are also a lot of construction going on around our state and across many states, as our states work to get all the work done before winter comes, if you are going to be traveling know the weather forecast, make sure you have a map to where that construction area is so you are prepared," said Karnes.

AAA says the increase in travel this year is mostly because of Oklahoma gas prices. They are the lowest nationwide.