Landmark Shop Makes Red River Rivalry Prediction Despite Major Setback

OU and Texas fans alike have made it a yearly tradition to drive past Bob's Good Junk on their way to the Red River Rivalry. This year, some fans are making a bittersweet stop along the way to visit with the man behind it-- who is facing stage four lung and colon cancer.

Bob Hendrix has owned the shop for about 20 years and has publicly posted his prediction of the OU/Texas score for each one. Bob's Good Junk is in Savanna, along Highway 75, which many fans pass on their way to Dallas for the game.

"People thought I was crazy when I put that score up and a lot of them do here now," laughed Hendrix.

Hendrix predicts OU will beat Texas 55-10 this year. He said he would have predicted 60-0 if it weren't for OU's defensive injuries. He is a life-long OU fan.

"You're usually pretty spot on. This year, I don't like your prediction," jokes Catoosa woman Tina Keck. She is a Texas fan, traveling with her Sooner husband to the game. They stopped for a photo with Bob along the way, as they have enjoyed his predictions for years. They were saddened to hear Bob's news.

"We're going to miss, whenever Bob goes, we're going to miss the predictions," Tina's husband, Gary, said.

Doctors diagnosed Bob with cancer about four months ago. They estimated he had about a six month life expectancy.

"Just about everyday, people stop here and pray for me," Hendrix said. He said he has been moved to learn of how much he means to fans' travel experience-- and how many shoppers have made donations to help.

"That's what one guy calls me, Bob the Legend," Hendrix said.

Hendrix stopped his chemotherapy treatments because he said they made him too sick. He is trying home remedies that shoppers recommend for him. For example, he's been drinking a garlic and honey mix twice a day for weeks, following a woman's suggestion.

Hendrix plans to close his shop in the next two to three weeks but hopes to continue to predict and post the OU/Texas score as many more times as possible.

Bob said he feels like he has more life to live, saying, "I hope I can keep carrying on."