Primary Elections Today For 2 U.S. Senate Republican Contenders, Others

Those getting the most attention in the Republican race for U.S. Senate Are Congressman James Lankford and former Oklahoma Speaker of the House, TW Shannon.

The Broken Arrow Rotary Club hosted Shannon during their noon luncheon. It was one of several stops the candidates made in hopes of swaying voters. For Shannon two issues are most important: the national debt and our borders.

Shannon, (R) candidate for Senate says "we've got a crisis just five miles from our house in Lawton at Fort Sill with these illegal immigrants who have walked across our border because we have an unsecure border. We need to secure our border and say no to amnesty."

Congressman James Lankford likens the campaign to a long job interview. He's picked up endorsements from the state's two leading newspapers. Lankford, candidate for U.S. Senate says "the thing that makes the greatest impact is my neighbor."

The race hasn't been without negative campaigning, to the point Senator Tom Coburn stepped in with a response.

"I was grateful to be able to have his encouraging words and be able to say the negative ads just aren't true," said Lankford

Lankford says voters want to know who can be trusted and who can get the job done.

Does that mean Shannon cannot be trusted?

Lankford says, "No, didn't say that at all. That's what people are asking. People look you in the eyes and they try to evaluate 'can I trust you, can you get the job done.'"

At the end of the day Shannon is proud of his campaign and hopes voters will give him their endorsement.

"It's the voters that decide elections. Remember The Oklahoman is also the same newspaper that called Kevin Durant Mr. Unreliable."