Last Minute Grocery Shopping For Christmas Dinner

With most people having their holiday shopping done, it's now time to figure out what you need for Christmas dinner. Some people like lists while others just try to remember everything.

Kevin Harris and his daughter Alexandra went up and down every aisle to make sure they found everything that was on their very long list.

"We worked pretty hard to make sure that we looked at all the cupboards went through the refrigerator and everything and made sure hopefully everything is done," says Kevin Harris.

Most people are after hams, pies, Cool Whip, fresh produce and bread. Anything and everything to make Christmas dinner. Store Manager, Micha Railey says they have already seen some families back in the doors several times in one day. The common things people forget are the small items like condensed milk, eggs, sugar, and butter. Shoppers say the best time to come in is early in the morning. Railey say since people have had an extra few days before the holiday, business has been steady and they still have plenty of food for everyone. Most everyone we talked to said they are thankful they are finished.

"We have had all our Christmas shopping done since yesterday morning. So, we are feeling pretty good going into Sunday and Monday here and we are going to enjoy family time," says Harris.

Most stores will close early on Christmas Eve. Reasor's closes at 6 P.M., Wal-Mart closes at 8 P.M. and Target closes at 9 P.M.