Last Minute Shopping

Kalyn Barnoski was boosting the holiday spirit at Dwelling Spaces as folks finish that last minute shopping. Including her.

"I need to get my sister a few more things," she said.

Kalyn noticed that most of the customers Monday night were men. Which says what?

"It says that they're very unprepared or women are just hard to buy for," she laughed.

One of the younger men in the store?

"Oh I know how to play Go Fish," said 8 year-old John, who's letter to Santa goes something like this.

"Dear Santa Claus, I want an X-box for Christmas," he said.

Which is something you'd expect to hear from a second grader, but what you might not expect, was his off the cuff answer when we asked him what Christmas is all about.

"The meaning of Christmas is to celebrate Jesus' birthday and it's not all about getting, it's all about giving," he said.

And with that, may you have a very, Merry Christmas.