Latest on Fatal Plane Crash

The recent Oral Roberts University grad who survived a plane crash in Kansas Friday is recovering.

Hannah Luce and four others were headed for "Acquire the Fire:, is a 27 hour pep rally for Christ held in Iowa this year. The pilot 23 year old Luke Sheets from Wisconsin along with 29 year old professor Garret Coble, 27-year-old Stephen Luth of Iowa, and 27 year old Austin Anderson of Enid were killed. Hannah's father, Ron Luce, says the four men were dedicated to Christ and the mission of Teen Mania Ministries. Luce founded it more than 25 years ago.

His daughter Hannah was a fixture at the retreats. He wrote about the crash on his blog so that supporters could hear it from him. He says Hannah suffered third degree burns to nearly 30% of her body, but she's alive.

Austin Anderson a two time Iraqi war vet is considered her guardian angel. He pulled her to safety but lost his own life later. "All I can tell you is when we asked her about that she just began to tear up," Ron Luce said during a news conference held in Kansas City where his daughter is recovering. Luce says he doesn't want to push it. There will be time to hear Hannah out later. "We're just being there to love her and let her know that we there for as her parents, and not probing a lot into the accident itself," he explained.

Teen Mania Ministries says Ron Luce plans to attend all four funerals. Tulsa's Channel 8 has learned that Austin Anderson will be funeralized Wednesday, May 16th, at 2p.m. Inside Emanuel Baptist Church. It's located in Enid. Garrett Coble's funeral will be Thursday, May 17th, inside Christ's Chapel. It's located on the Oral Roberts University campus and will start at 2 p.m.