Latest Tulsa School Budget Comes With Concerns

The state legislature has given education more money, but now there are concerns if the state can deliver on what it has promised. The increased funding for 2014-2015 means about $1.5 million dollars to Tulsa Public Schools. The chief financial officer, Trish Williams says the district was concerned about state funding shortfall the past school year.Now with more funds, they have been able to allocate a total of 100 reserve teachers to place where they are most needed. The district will also hire six assistant principals in some elementary schools.Williams says she and other administrators will pay attention to state monthly revenues to see if Oklahoma will be able to deliver on the increased funds. Williams says state revenues have been lower than projections.

"If we do realize that we are heading for a shortfall and there will be budget reductions made by the state, then we immediately take action to reduce spending in specific areas to make sure to match those shortfalls," said Williams.At this point there have been no earmarked reductions at the school district level.

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