Law Enforcement Patrol Bars

Should you venture out this evening to welcome the new year with a toast, be aware, not every there may be celebrating.

"Last year we checked 49 bars," said ABLE agent Erik Smoot. Last new year's his crew made five arrests. What do they look for when they enter an establishment?

"We're going to be in the bars making sure they're not selling alcohol to minors, they're not getting people overly intoxicated," he said.

"Ultimately I want to get people home safely," said Josh Royal, owner of R bar, doing his part to ensure people party responsibly.

"I am liable for anything that would happen, so I try to get people home safely, even when they refuse, I tell them at that point it's, I have to call the police. I have to let them know that I've done everything I can to stop you from driving and I don't want to be liable anymore, so. You've done that? Absolutely," he said.

"I know nobody wants to call the police on their customers, but if you've tried every polite thing and it won't work, they've obviously had too much to drink and you need to make sure they get somewhere safely, that may be jail or that may be home, but that's the person's choice at that time," said Smoot.