Area Authorities to Begin New Year's Eve Crackdown

Area residents planning to drink this evening should be aware of an increase in law enforcement looking for drunk drivers.

Officials with the ABLE Commission and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers are part of a new DUI task force and this year they will be saturating streets with 20 state troopers working overtime.

Special state agents will be undercover watching for servers who could be selling to minors or providing drinks to customers who are already intoxicated.

"When somebody gets a DUI, and they go in for an analysis after getting a DUI, they identify which bar they came from. And if all of these people are coming from the same bars and we see that, that means we have a problem location," Eric Smoot, senior agent for the ABLE Commission. "That means several drunks are leaving a certain bar and we need to take action against that bar"

Officers added they are working backwards from the street to the source. The goal is to keep everyone safe and to prevent tragedies on the roads you drive.

Those officers will begin their crackdown at 7 p.m. and will last until 3 a.m.