Law Enforcement Uses Watch Towers at Mall to Deter Gift Thieves

There are two law enforcement watch towers in Woodland Hills Mall parking lots to deter would-be-grinches from breaking into cars.

The Sheriff's Department told Channel 8 it loaned the watch towers to the Police Department for the holiday shopping season.

The Sheriff's Department said the towers serve as a deterrent. They are made with similar technology to what the Border Patrol uses. They include cameras, lift capabilities to see over cars, and blacked out windows, so criminals cannot see if an officer is present or not.

Shoppers Channel 8 spoke with had mixed reactions to the towers. However, most did not even notice them.

"I feel the same safety regardless of if that's there or not. I'm not sure that's going to keep my car from getting broken into or not. So, the safety's the same," said shopper Zach Tucker.

"I think it's pretty cool," said shopper Alex Ellefson.

The Police Department has not yet told Channel 8 how it feels about the towers' usefulness. Woodland Hills Mall does not comment on security as a matter of policy.