Law Officials Urge Responsible Partying On St. Patrick's Day

Local law officials want residents to party responsibly this St. Patrick's day. Monday marks the popular holiday this year and there is a variety of Irish-themed fun to be had.

Tulsa police will be on the look out for drunk drivers and underage drinkers tomorrow as revelers take to Tulsa's streets and drinking establishments.

TPD officer Craig Murray says his department's job is more than strict enforcement. "It's a case to save lives, to keep people safe, to let them have a good time but do it responsibly," he said.

TPD will patrol the festivities downtown in uniform and under cover. They will especially be working to stop underage drinking since St. Patrick's day falls during Spring Break.

Murray says that underage students home on break may be tempted to try to get their hands on some alcohol.

The penalties for serving minors are stiff, according to ABLE agent Pedro Zardeneta. Violators face a fine of up to $5,000 and 5 years in prison.

The ABLE commission and TPD said there were no issues with events this weekend. On Saturday, ABLE checked thirteen bars and found no one serving underage drinkers or over-serving alcohol.


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