Lawmaker Wants Border Children Quarantined

An Oklahoma state representative is calling for all of the immigrant minors being housed at an Oklahoma military base to be quarantined.

State Representative Mike Ritze of Broken Arrow says the children are arriving from countries in Central America don't have the same vaccination standards.

As a physician himself, he says he's seen what can happen.

"I've seen 3 cases of tuberculosis in the last year from illegal immigrants that are coming into just our community," Ritze said.

Tuberculosis, syphilis, leprosy are what Ritz says he wants to keep from spreading to Oklahomans. He's sent letters to the governor and attorney general encouraging them to quarantine the children at Fort Sill.

"The governor can invoke under the Emergency Catastrophic Health Act they can invoke this and go into any facility, even a federal facility such as a military base, and the director of the department of health can also do this and go in and make sure that it is safe," Ritze said.

Ritze's concerns go beyond public health and back to the children's country of origin.

"It's not up to us to be able to come in and overload our health care system, overload our welfare, our schools, our hospitals, emergency rooms, food stamps and whatever else that goes along with that," Ritze said.

"I have all compassion with these people. What we should do is withdraw any foreign aid to these countries."