Lawmakers Drive Texting Bill Through The OK House Of Rep.

A committee in the Oklahoma House Of Representatives has approved legislation on a texting and driving ban.

House Bill 1505 would outlaw texting and driving while a vehicle is in motion. The bill would allow a text message to emergency response operators, medical providers, firefighters and law enforcement.

"Texting and driving is almost six times more dangerous than driving under the influence," said Curtis McDaniel, D-Smithville. "We are seeing accidents and deaths caused by texting in our districts and we want to try to rein in this dangerous behavior."

Jeannie McDaniel, , D-Tulsa, said failing to ban texting and driving is irresponsible.

"As more and more 'texters' join us on the road, more accidents are going to occur," said McDaniel. "We have to get in front of this, like legislatures in other states are doing. We are already seeing accidents and deaths, but I guarantee that it will only get worse."

If approved by the House Calendar Committee, it will be available for a vote on the House floor.

Penalties would not exceed $500.