Lawmakers Eye Changes on Third Grade Reading Initiative

The debate over schools and accountability is heating up in homes and at the state capitol.

While children are faced with a high stakes reading test, their parents are now feeling the pressure. Thousands of third graders could fail a mandatory exam and be held back this year.

Lawmakers have at least three bills on the table, one to delay the initiative and two others that would give parents the right to appeal--if their children failed the reading test.

While lawmakers negotiate, parents say even their children are worried. "He's just like, I'm ready for it to be over. He's like I want it done, I'm ready to go back to just being a kid, doing school work and being in school," Sarah Belk said about her third grade son.

Parents can be a part of the Tulsa PTA forum for talks on the third grade reading test and Oklahoma's A-F grade system.

That starts at 6:30 tonight at the Wilson Teaching and Learning Center.