Leak at Muskogee Glass Plant Ends in Fire, Extensive Damages

Multiple crews were called to a Muskogee glass plant Thursday afternoon for a fire that caused extensive damage.

Employees of the Owen-Illinois glass plant discovered the fire just before noon. The facility is located northeast of Muskogee along Highway 62.

"It's putting off some smoke and a great deal of stem and it [looked] bad to anybody driving up and down the street," Muskogee Fire Department Chief Derek Tatum said. "They would have thought the worst"

Officials with the glass plant told KTUL that one of the furnaces designed to melt the glass had a leak. That caused a fire burning the other equipment around the area, even with safety measures in place to prevent these situations.

"The way it is designed, if it does [leak] it falls into the basement where that is designed as a containment area," Tatum said. "We started laying out lines and throwing some water on the molten glass to cool it down."

Fire crews worked for hours to help extinguish the blaze. Officials believe that the facility will be closed for a couple of days, but that no exact time frame was given for when the production would start back up.