Least Ticketed Cars

Don't you hate getting a speeding ticket?{} If you think some people never get caught when they speed, you could be right. It's not always how you drive, but what you drive, that can determine whether you get a ticket.We're usually so interested in the type of car that's a cop magnet for tickets.{} How about the other list? What's the best car to drive if you want to attract the least amount of attention from the police, and, in turn, ward off traffic tickets? Verisk Analytics recently came out with its top 10 list:

  1. Buick Rainier SUV
  2. Mazda Tribute SUV
  3. Chevrolet C/K 3500/2500 pickup
  4. Kia Spectra sedan
  5. Buick LaCrosse sedan
  6. Saturn Aura Hybrid sedan
  7. Oldsmobile Silhouette minivan
  8. Chevrolet Uplander minivan
  9. Hyundai Tucson SUV
  10. Pontiac Vibe crossover

As you can see, SUV's and minivans dominate the list. Researchers say people with families who own so-called family cars tend to drive more cautiously. They also find that people who buy these cars are typically a little older, right around 50 years old. So bottom line, it may not be just the car that keeps tickets at bay, but the driver.{}{} {}Click here to see the list of vehicles with the highest percentage of violations.